BusConnects is a key part of Government policy to improve public transport and address climate change. Galway is growing, and the city needs a bus network that delivers for the Galway Metropolitan area, and beyond.

BusConnects aim is to deliver a bus service that’s better for everybody; the people, the city and the environment. BusConnects is all about providing a better, more reliable and more efficient bus service. With more buses, going to more places, more often.

BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road is a continuous 4km corridor of high quality pedestrian, cyclist and public transport facilities running east of Moneenageisha Junction to Doughiska Road Junction.

The BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road Project is key to the delivery of the Galway Transport Strategy to provide infrastructure to reduce reliance on the private car, promote walking and cycling, and support improved frequency and journey time reliability of local bus, regional and national coach services.

In 2020, a non-statutory consultation on an ‘Emerging Preferred Route’ took place. This provided a wealth of insight and information to the design team.

Since this consultation, significant changes in design and procurement guidance required a review of the proposed design, to ensure compliance with current ‘good practice’. These changes include updates to the Public Spending Code, revised design guidance on layouts for bus corridors, and revised National Transport Authority Project Approval Guidelines.

As a result of these changes, and feedback from the first public consultation on BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road, the ‘Emerging Preferred Route’ has been updated.

Feedback on the updated Emerging Preferred Route is now invited, as part of the second non-statutory public consultation on the BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road proposals.

The 2nd Non-Statutory Public Consultation will commence on January 13, 2023 for 4 weeks. The purpose of the consultation is to invite feedback, questions and support for the Emerging Preferred Route, to help inform the scheme design as it proceeds to the planning consent process.

As part of the consultation, the BusConnects Galway: Dublin Road design team have developed a virtual information room. This is an interactive space to look at key project information including:

  • A fly through video of the Emerging Preferred Route
  • The Emerging Preferred Route drawings
  • Information on how to provide feedback
  • A book a meeting facility
The virtual information room will be online from 13th January for 4 weeks.